Leaked Ultima Forever Images?

This imgur account (now apparently deleted) was brought to my attention this morning…anonymously, of course. The images hosted there have since been removed, but I was able to grab them before that happened:

There’s not that much to actually say about the screenshots, since there’s no telling what the in-game context is. It looks like whoever uploaded these images was playing as the Fighter. And obviously, he or she is exploring the Shrine of Spirituality. Which, it must be said, looks positively gorgeous. The attention to detail in the floor artwork and the colour choice is also a nice touch on Mythic’s part.

Anyhow, make of these what you all will. We haven’t seen official screenshots of the game yet, but these unofficial ones do give a good idea of what the game looks like. Those hand-painted backgrounds look pretty awesome, don’t they?

Note: In case it wasn’t clear, these are screenshots from what is almost surely an alpha build of the game. It is probable that the finished product will look mostly the same, but it’s also probable that some refinements will be made.

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