Minor Arcana

In addition to the Virtue cards, Ultima Forever’s lore and gameplay feature an expanded tarot set that includes twenty-four minor arcana cards, in addition to the Virtue cards and the sixteen major arcana. These minor arcana don’t have any tangible effect in-game; they are mostly served up as window dressing on the daily rewards window, purporting to tell each player his or her fortune as a gameplay session is begun. The cards are divided into elemental suits, and typically represent practical and everyday matters.

The Earth Serpent (Ace of Bells)

You are blessed by the Earth Serpent. Now is the time to dungeon-delve the deepest depths.

(Inverted) The Serpent, thwarted: Beware Lizardmen and creatures that slither, stun and poison. They will seek you out for the next moon, or so.

Stone (Two of Bells)

There will be a need for great strength soon. Don’t waste your energy on vain things.

(Inverted) Two Bells, thwarted: A weakness, seemingly minor, shall be your undoing. Be watchful!

Change (Three of Bells)

You are about to have the rug pulled from under you. There will be unpleasant change.

(Inverted) Three Bells, thwarted: Beware creatures that sap the strength and confuse the mind. They will seek you out at this time.

Growth (Four of Bells)

You are about to enter a time of growth and expansion. Success awaits!

(Inverted) Four Bells, thwarted: You will achieve personal victory at the expense of a friend. Best to work out your apology now.

Wealth (Five of Bells)

Great riches lie close by. You just need to figure out how to get them.

(Inverted) Five Bells, thwarted: Ambush seeketh thee! Keep thy weapons at hand.

The Iron Queen (Six of Bells)

Look to your armour and friends, for your defenses will soon be tested!

(Inverted) The Iron Queen, thwarted: Beware! A wrathful woman will cost you dearly.

The Griffon (Ace of Books)

You are blessed by the Griffon. Now is the time to brave magic, lightning and mountaintops.

(Inverted) The Griffon, thwarted: Beware the death that flies, for the Griffon has hexed you soundly.

Card (Two of Books)

You will come upon a card of great rarity very soon. Ensure you use it carefully.

(Inverted) Two Books, thwarted: Chastise the demonic, dark and eldritch creatures of the world, and you shall dine well on the fruits of virtue.

Shrine (Three of Books)

You will soon gain a Virtue you did not expect. Consider what this teaches you!

(Inverted) Three Books, thwarted: You may fumble in your next adventure, but rest assured: your skills will grow if you keep trying.

Quarrel (Four of Books)

There will be argument and strife over an idea or principle.

(Inverted) Four Books, thwarted: Now is the time for action not contemplation. Gather not dust, but battle scars!

Silver (Five of Books)

You will come into a comfortable amount of money, or establish something of note by moonlight.

(Inverted) Five Books, thwarted: Beware creatures that wield magical forces. You will be at a disadvantage towards them.

The Silver Queen (Six of Books)

Your fate is entwined with magic and mystery. A powerful magic item will soon be yours!

(Inverted) The Silver Queen, thwarted: Death and ghosts haunt your future, yet be not scared if a Mage walks with you.

The Phoenix (Ace of Candles)

You are blessed by the Phoenix. Now is a good time to brave burning heat and flaming lava.

(Inverted) The Phoenix, thwarted: Avoid fire at all costs, for the curse of the Phoenix is upon you.

Battle (Two of Candles)

This is a glorious time to seek battle. Head out to adventure and take advantage of your good fortune.

(Inverted) Two Candles, thwarted: You will suffer defeat and ruin, unless you heed the cards!

Description missing.

Strength (Four of Candles)

Your strength will swell like a pig’s belly, blossoming into the bacon of success and the sausage of good fortune.

(Inverted) Four Candles, thwarted: Strength reversed indicates a friend in need of your help. Give freely of your time, and you will be rewarded.

Victory (Five of Candles)

Victory whispers in your ear. Will you listen to her words, or dismiss them as sweet nothings?

(Inverted) Five Candles, thwarted: Orcs and goblins slather for the ruby glisten of your entrails. Will you show them the error of their ways?

Lady Gold (Six of Candles)

You will come into fortune soon, through friends and foes.

(Inverted) Lady Gold, thwarted: Regret will come clothed in gold.

The Mermaid (Ace of Keys)

You are blessed by the Mermaid. Adventures with companions are sure to succeed.

(Inverted) The Mermaid, thwarted: The Mermaid brings jealousy and drama. Be not sucked into her trap.

Description missing.

Lock (Three of Keys)

For want of a Key, disasters three. Fate will mock, for want of a lock.

(Inverted) Three Keys, thwarted: Negative forces are bleeding your energies. Seek out those vampires, and destroy them.

Treasure (Four of Keys)

You will find something of great worth deep beneath the earth, perhaps within a mine, cave or mountain heart.

(Inverted) Four Keys, thwarted: Guard your purse, for the cards indicate a dissipation in your fortunes.

Desire (Five of Keys)

Romance flutters her lashes at you. A new acquaintance will prove exciting, or an old friendship suddenly bloom.

(Inverted) Five Keys, thwarted: You will be torn by the thorns of unrequited love. Either your own, or that of a companion.

Lady Quicksilver (Six of Keys)

You are filled with wit and charm. Speak loud and free to make new friends.

(Inverted) Lady Quicksilver, thwarted: Beware betrayal, incompetence or worse from casual comrades. Gather your trusted allies to you.