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story-icon-generalWhat’s the game actually called?story-icon-game

What’s it called?

  • Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar
  • Ultima Forever
  • Abbreviated as U4E

story-icon-generalWhat’s the status of the game?story-icon-game

  • Currently in focus testing

story-icon-generalWhich of the classic Ultima classes will be in the game?story-icon-game

  • Two character classes will be available at launch: the Fighter (male only) and the Mage (both male and female)
  • Two additional classes have been revealed: the Druid (apparently female only) and the Paladin (possibly female only)
  • For more information, see the Ultima Forever Classes page).

story-icon-generalWhat are the game’s system requirements?story-icon-game

  • Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) at launch, with PC and Android versions coming later; you will be able to login through any of these.
  • You will be able to play with people playing on other platforms.
  • It is not a Facebook or browser-based game as was previously suspected.
  • Internet connectivity is required.
  • See the Ultima Forever Technical Information page for full details

story-icon-generalIs it truly free to play?story-icon-game

  • You will be able to complete the entire game without paying anything.
  • You can purchase keys to obtain higher-quality loot from chests.
  • Gear becomes damaged during gameplay; keys will be required to repair gear. Gear can also be discarded.
  • Keys may be required to perform certain other in-game functions.

story-icon-generalWhat is the game’s target audience?story-icon-game

  • Ultima fans
  • People who have never played the Ultima games.
  • Casual mobile gamers

story-icon-generalWhat will the game look like?story-icon-game

  • Orthagonal viewing angle
  • Vibrant, colourful, hand-painted 2D backgrounds
  • 3D character and monster models

story-icon-generalHow does the game relate to Ultima IV/the Ultima series?story-icon-game

  • Ultima Forever is not meant to be a remake of Ultima IV. Rather it’s a re-imagining of the series.
  • It is set 21 years after Ultima IV
  • It’s also a reboot of the Ultima franchise.
  • If it is successful, Mythic Entertainment plan to bring other Ultima games into the Ultima Forever series.

story-icon-generalHow does it relate to Ultima Online?story-icon-game

  • It doesn’t directly relate to Ultima Online, at least for now. Mythic has stated that if Ultima Forever successful, it may pull in elements from other Ultima games, including UO. Ultima Forever is a completely different game, with a limit of 4 players in a group, and is also a much more casual game.
  • While both teams have the same Franchise Producer, Jeff Skalski, UO and U4E have separate development teams according to Kai Schober, per this UO Stratics post.

story-icon-generalWhat is the gameplay like?story-icon-game

  • Gameplay is driven by your character/avatar, what he or she is carrying, what you do both alone in the game and as part of a group.
  • There are a lot of dungeons
  • Ultima Forever is an accessible, action driven RPG
  • It does take into account player positions, complete with collision detection.
  • According to a Paul Barnett in this tweet, you can explore anywhere in Britannia
  • That said, dungeons and some other areas in the game are locked based on player level, and may not be immediately accessible. The entirety of the overland can be explored, however, as well as all the towns and cities.

story-icon-generalWhat other games can it be compared to?story-icon-game

story-icon-generalWhat does U4E offer in its multiplayer experience?story-icon-game

  • At its core, Ultima Forever is meant to be a multiplayer game.
  • Focused on small groups, up to four players.
  • It is a persistent multiplayer game thanks to its online elements.
  • It takes into account the Eight Virtues. If a more powerful player teams up with a player who is just starting, the stronger player will gain in Sacrifice, for example.
  • There will be a “friend finder” and Facebook integration.

story-icon-generalCan the game still be played as a single-player title?story-icon-game

  • You will be able to play the whole game solo.

story-icon-generalWhat is U4E not?story-icon-game

  • It’s not an MMO/MMORPG
  • It’s not a game focused on how fast you can use hotbars/macros
  • It’s not an offline game

story-icon-generalAre the Virtues important?story-icon-game

story-icon-generalWhat’s this Lady British character?story-icon-game

  • She is Lord British’s daughter.

story-icon-generalWhat modes of travel exist in the game?story-icon-game

  • Hot air balloons
  • Boats will evidently be coming later
  • Your own two feet

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