Major Arcana

Ultima Forever’s lore and gameplay feature an expanded tarot set that includes sixteen Major Arcana cards, in addition to the Virtue cards and the twenty-four Minor Arcana. These Major Arcana are featured during the character creation sequence at the start of the game, and seem to have some effect on your character, in the form of bonuses and preferences for items of a certain colour. These 16 archetypes (based on Myers-Briggs personality profiles) reflect the Virtues, and the influence of the moons. They typically represent people or places of importance.

The Blue Moon

Something rare and precious will come to you soon.

(Inverted) The Blue Moon, waning: Something rare and precious will slip through your fingers.

The Chalice

You will be tested and found worthy if you act with honour.

(Inverted) The Chalice, empty: Your secretly dishonourable desires will be revealed if you are not careful. Don’t say the cards didn’t warn you.

The Gypsy

Your hard-earned rewards are close by – a world of opportunity awaits.

(Inverted) Beware of indolence and laziness; it is easy for your goals to sour at this time.

The Hermit

Others will tempt you to take on a mighty foe. Will you act with humility, or hubris?

(Inverted) The Hermit, shadowed: You will overestimate your own powers in the near future, and this will lead to disaster.

The Judge

You will come to a difficult decision that will cause deep reflection. Fear not, you will make the right choice.

(Inverted) The Judge, blinded: You will be judged and found wanting, if you don’t try harder.

The Knight

Now is a good time to lead others, for Valour is strong within you.

(Inverted) The Knight, ill-omened: Now is not the time to hide behind a shell.

The Liar

The Liar indicates a test of Honesty – whether yours or your companions, who can say?

(Inverted) The Liar, reversed: You will be tempted to do the wrong thing. Think carefully before you make a choice.

The Lovers

You will have the chance to be kind to someone. Do so, and you will have kindness done to you.

(Inverted) The Lovers, thwarted: Beware lust! She is the mistress of broken hearts.

The Magus

You will discover the truth of a matter that has been unclear for some time.

(Inverted) The Magus, blinded: Pay attention to details. The cards indicate you are missing some essential truth.

The Muse

Love or friendship is close at hand. Be prepared to accept it.

(Inverted) The Muse, diverted: Beware of flirtations, this is a dangerous time to toy with affections.

The Saint

A curious conversation will inspire a spiritual breakthrough.

(Inverted) The Saint, tempted: Look to your soul. The lure of material possessions will be your undoing!

The Stars

Luck smiles upon you with all her charms. Now is a good time to chance your hand.

(Inverted) The Stars, obscured: Stock up on lucky charms and helpful friends. Luck is irked, and you are her punching bag.

The Sun

Soon you will pass an important threshold, and your hopes will be refreshed and renewed.

(Inverted) The Sun, setting: Remember, the darkest hour is the one before dawn. Do not be discouraged, despite all.

The Warrior

A time will soon come when your courage will make all the difference.

(Inverted) The Warrior, ill-omened: Beware of lingering at the back. This is no time for cowardice.

The White Moon

You will embark upon a long and exciting journey shortly.

(Inverted) The White Moon, waning: You will be summoned to an urgent affair. Do not ignore the call.

The Widow

You will be in a position to help others soon; do so with no thought to your own loss.

(Inverted) The Widow, threatened: Pine not for the things that are lost. Think instead on that which is to come.