What is Ultima Forever?

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar (or simply Ultima Forever, abbreviated “U4E”) is a new online game from from Mythic Entertainment and Electronic Arts. Though initially releasing for Apple iOS and the mobile devices it powers (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch), Ultima Forever is intended to be a cross-platform (Android and PC ports are coming later this year) “free to play” game set in the Ultima universe.

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Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar is the latest entry in the beloved Ultima series, transforming a classic into the definitive RPG experience on mobile.

The world of Britannia is slowly being engulfed by the Black Weep, a faceless plague that’s infecting the land and her inhabitants. It’s up to heroes like you to help save the world before it is consumed by the endless dark.

Experience hundreds of hours of open world quests and adventures. Explore dungeons with fellow adventurers and defeat your enemies in explosive, co-op action combat. Master the eight virtues and become the Avatar of Renown.

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From: the About page at UltimaForever.com:

The illustrious 30-year legacy of the Ultima franchise continues with Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar. Return to one of western gaming’s most beloved series and become the Avatar.

Set twenty-one years after the events of Ultima IV, the world of Britannia is slowly being engulfed by the Black Weep. It is a faceless plague that consumes the spiritual, instills fear in the valorous and corrupts the honorable. Lady British has called forth for heroes like you to help save the world before it is consumed by the endless dark. It’s up to you and your fellow players to help save the land. Delve into this expansive saga as you search for a cure to the Black Weep, and meet many of Britannia’s inhabitants along the way. Choices are a big part of the experience in Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar, and decisions should be made wisely as they may have a later impact.

Meet hundreds of other players in city hubs, form parties, and set forth on grand adventures. Explore dungeons to uncover the cause of the Black Weep, and take down enemies in fast, explosive combat. The rewards are great, with the chance to uncover rare items and treasures that unlock your fame and fortune.

From the What is Ultima Forever? thread at the official Ultima Forever forums:

Ultima Forever is the deepest multiplayer role-playing game to come to the mobile market. A spiritual successor to the enormously influential Ultima IV, Ultima Forever mixes the rich lore of the classic game, updated for mobile platforms, and is completely free to play.

Players embark on an epic quest to save the world of Britannia from The Weep – a plague that is spreading out of the Stygian Abyss and across the land. They can find loot, solve quandaries, complete quests, and join with friends in multiplayer groups to beat dungeons. Set against a lushly hand painted world, Ultima Forever packs an unrivaled RPG experience into 3-15 minute gameplay sessions and has a vast number of areas to explore. In Ultima Forever players are able to:

  • Level up their character from 1-15 to unlock new content and challenges
  • Get epic loot including common, uncommon, rare and legendary random drops.
  • Collect consumable tarot cards to boost stats, score and combat speed
  • Create the perfect vanity outfit after making their way through different dungeons
  • Build reputation across Britannia from an unknown nobody to a Paragon of Virtue
  • Complete quests by collecting items, killing monsters and making branching choices
  • Advise the people of Britannia on how to solve their quandaries and earn different virtues along the way
  • Unlock new combat abilities and discover new group tactics with friends
  • Battle multistage bosses and timed challenges to earn maximum score
  • Solve puzzles and discover hidden areas
  • Interact with hundreds of other players across the towns and world of Britannia
  • Play cooperatively in up to four-player dungeon groups
  • Import friends from Facebook or make new ones in game for bonuses and extra rewards
  • Unlock daily rewards and get their gypsy fortune