Town of Paws

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Paws is a small town situated south-west of Britain and Castle Britannia. An agricultural community, it is home to farmers and woodsmen, and also boasts a sizeable stable home to several prize horses. A large tavern, Folley’s, serves up food and libations to the hard-working people of the town after a long day.


The Magic Shop
Folley Tavern
The Smithy
The General Store

The Stables


For more information on the residents of Paws, please see our Citizens of Paws page.

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Grotesque Corpse – Found in the trees near the General Store, whoever this person was has been dead for some time. Their body was probably left as a warning…but to whom?


Battered Keg – Found outside the Folley Tavern. When moved, a pool of blood is found beneath it. Finding the keg allows you to then bring it up with Greg, one of the cooks inside the Folley.


The Unlimited Chest is a chest not unlike those encountered in dungeons. But whereas those chests reveal their loot and are spent, the Unlimited Chest can be opened again and again (for a cost in keys, of course) to obtain as much loot as a player could want for. The Unlimited Chest is located in northern Paws.


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