Ultima Forever Monsters and Pets

Based on the concept art that has been shown, and based on general tradition, the Druid class will have some kind of pet. The concept art (which you can see to the right) shows a hawk or eagle of some sort flying above the Druid.

Creatures / Monsters
Spiders (Arachnids)
We know Ultima Forever has spider eggs. We know this because it was mentioned on March 16, 2011, by Paul Barnett. It was part of a conversation that was being tested:

“Just finished a new conversation for the secret project..its now being tested by the group..it has a trapped NPC..and spider eggs”

Whether the spiders present a threat or the eggs are useful for silk (reagents) or potions remains to be seen.

For more about potential monsters in U4E, we recommend you visit the Ultima IV Monster Data page at the Codex of Ultima Wisdom.

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