Mythic’s Secret Project Has Rescue Quests…And Spider Eggs

And here I was, casting about for a news story to post today. Fortunately, BioWare Mythic’s creative director, Paul Barnett, tweeted something I could work with:

There’s actually a fair bit to draw out of this. For one, whatever this project is, it’ll feature conversations and quests, including at least one rescue-type mission. And it’ll probably feature dungeons and caves, because really…where else would you find spider eggs in an RPG? Presumably, it’ll also feature giant spiders in its bestiary.

Does any of that sound Ultima-ish? You bet it does.

My question is: assuming this secret project is what I’m pretty sure it is, and assuming it gets released, and assuming it is the first in a series that follows the development timeline that I’ve heard some suggest is a target for Mythic…who will deliver the more authentic Ultima experience via the social gaming medium? Our friends in Virginia, or Richard Garriott with his New Britannia?

Or: will either of them deliver anything even close to the Ultima experience? Is it possible that both might take things in a different, but not necessarily unenjoyable, direction?

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