Ultima Forever: Wanderer’s Tavern Music Released

The Ultima Forever Facebook page has been updated today, as has the associated Twitter feed, with a link to a sample of the game’s soundtrack:

Initially, the Twitter embed was the only means of including the song on a site, but Mythic have gone back and enabled the embedding feature directly on Soundcloud, so you can either listen to it via the above or on the Soundcloud website proper. It is definitely the sort of tune you’d associate with a tavern, not to mention a very clever re-working of Ultima 4’s overland theme. And something about it reminds me of Ultima 7’s soundtrack…just a bit. All in all, fantastic work by (I assume) Nick LaMartina, Mythic’s audio director and composer.

Also: Two hours of soundtrack! Here’s hoping that becomes available at some point.

The First Age of Update: Yes! The soundtrack will be available at launch.

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