Classes, Races, and Guilds

story-icon-generalPlayable Classesstory-icon-game

At Launch

  • Fighter (male only)
  • Mage (male and female options available)


  • Paladin (possibly female only)
  • Druid (female only)
  • Bard (not yet confirmed)
  • Shepherd (not yet confirmed)
  • Tinker (not yet confirmed)
  • Ranger (not yet confirmed)
  • Additional classes will be made available every few months after launch
  • In the game, you will be able to purchase early access to class abilities; these abilities can also be unlocked naturally by leveling up

For more information as it becomes available, see the Character Classes entry at the Ultima Forever Wiki.

story-icon-generalPlayable Racesstory-icon-game

At present, only humans have been revealed as a playable race in Ultima Forever. Since gargoyles were not introduced as NPCs in Ultima lore until Ultima 6, it stands to reason that humans will be the only playable race in the game.

story-icon-generalPlayer Groups and Guildsstory-icon-game

  • There has been no mention made of a formal guild system in the game
  • Group/party-size is limited to 4 people
  • Groups can consist of any combination of classes
  • Groups are ad-hoc; they can be formed and disbanded on the fly

Although Ultima Forever has no formal guild system in place, we would invite players interested in creating guilds to register for an account at the Ultima Codex, bring your friends to the site (or find them here if they got here first), and then set up a group and invite them to it.