History of Ultima Forever

This is a history of Ultima Forever prior to the announcement in July of 2012. The game itself, not the lore within the game.

2011 – June
June 1 – Ultima Forever Website is live.

2011 – June
Late May – Ultima bloggers visit Mythic.

2011 – April
April 29 – Ultima Bloggers booked to visit Mythic.
April 4 – Infamous “Art Thou Humble” messaged posted on Ultima Forever Twitter. Few, if any, notice.

Note: March – April is when interest really starts to pick up.

2011 – March
March 31 – Image of secret project map is leaked.
March 16 – Testing involving quests and spider eggs is mentioned.

2011 – January
11 January 2011 – Paul Barnett mentions that Dr. Ray (Muzyka, General Manager of Bioware) will be playing the “secret project”.

2010 – October
October – Infamous rant from EA Louse mentions Ultima project and Paul Barnett.

2010 – March
March 17 – UltimaForever.com registered (Reddit)

MarchBioWare Mythic employees working on unannounced project.