More Hints Emerge About Mythic’s Secret Project

Over the weekend, BioWare Mythic’s creative director Paul Barnett fired off a handful of tweets that teased out various details about the still-in-development and possibly Ultima-related secret project that the company has in the works.

Last Friday, he tweeted this:

Make of that what you will, good Dragons and Dragonettes. The important part is the last bit: soon — likely very soon — we shall have more information about exactly what the boys and girls out in Virginia have been working on all this time.

The following day, he added this little tidbit:

To be fair, I’m not sure if this is related to the secret project; it could well be related to an upcoming expansion for one of Mythic’s other games, perhaps Ultima Online. If it is related to the secret project, it shows that work on it continues.

Anyhow…on Sunday, there was this tweet:

Here is Dave Perillo’s blog, and here is James Flames’ website. The two men have very different artistic styles, with Perillo offering a more stylized, cartoonish feel and Flames offering a more realistic — if somewhat hard-edged — style.

I’m not sure I could guess what each artist’s work is going to be used for. Flames’ style would do well in the context of an old-school Origin Systems game manual, but I don’t know if the secret project will have one of those, or even an online equivalent. And I haven’t the first clue where Perillo’s artwork would fit in.

What say you, Dragons and Dragonettes? What do you make of all this?

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