Ultima Forever Features Writing by Pat Mills

Mythic Entertainment’s studio general manager, Paul Barnett, tweeted earlier today about a very high-profile guest the studio recently entertained:

And in Pat Mills’ blog post about the visit, we are given this piece of information:

While I was at EA, I saw the final version of Ultima – Quest for the Avatar which is out later this year. I did a little work on it the last time I was at Mythic and it was exciting to see the final version. It involves “Virtues” which have a significant effect on game playing as it means making moral choices. Huge potential. Going to be a superb game!

A “little work”? Paul Barnett confirms:

So, it would appear that the creator of 2000 AD and the writer of some of the earliest Judge Dredd stories has contributed to the story of Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar. This seems a bit of an odd choice, since much of Mills’ work deals with science fiction. Still…quite the name for Mythic to be able to drop!

(Image credit: Pat Mills)

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