Ultima Forever Preview at Slide to Play, Soundtrack Details

Mobile gaming site Slide to Play got to preview Ultima Forever recently, and their short write-up about it offers some (sparse) details on the plot of the game:

The story of Ultima Forever is that a purple goo called “The Weep” is slowly consuming the world, and it’s up to you– plus everyone else playing the game– to save it. This is a massively multiplayer RPG, so as you explore the game world, you’ll see plenty of other players doing the same thing. You can chat, band together, and raid dungeons together if you want.

They also label the inventory system as “deep”, and I noticed yet another screenshot in their preview that I have not seen posted elsewhere. Naturally, I’ve added it to our screenshots page.

Additionally, blogger Samuel Howitt was invited to visit Mythic’s offices recently, and his blog post about the experience included a few other details about Ultima Forever that are worth taking note of. Like, for example, its soundtrack:

Nick LaMartina, director of Audio and Video at the studio came across as incredibly passionate about his work. Currently he is working on the Ultima Forever soundtrack, and since the game is taking influence from Ultima IV it’s encompassing that game’s score into it’s own.

He also gave his impressions of Ultima Forever, which of course he got to play:

It feels like it could be a good attempt to bring PC-style Action-RPGs onto a tablet. I took up quests and explored a few dungeons, as you do in most RPGs. It controlled rather well on the system, holding your finger on the screen to move the character, and tapping monsters to kill was fun and simple to pull off.

I suppose I shall have to make a few selective updates to our fledgling Ultima Forever Game Guide now…

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