The Ultima Forever Facebook Page is Testing Your Virtues

The Ultima Forever Facebook page has been testing the virtues of its Facebook followers with a series of multiple choice virtue questions.  The most popular virtue has had the corresponding virtue card revealed on the Facebook page.  There has already been some interesting quandaries discussed amongst the more active members of the page.

On Tuesday the 17th, Ultima Forever asked:

A peasant approaches you for advice. “I found this bag o’ coins in the street bearin’ the symbol o’ a well-off noble family. What’s in it would feed my family for a few weeks, but is it right ta keep it?” What is your answer?

  • “Your family needs this money.  Take care of them.” – 181 votes
  • “Would you feed your family on falsehood? Turn the bag in.” – 163 votes
  • “Keep it, but share this blessing with your neighbors.”  – 136 votes

The most favored virtue was Compassion, and the appropriate tarot card was revealed.

And yesterday, on the 19th, Ultima Forever asked:

You encounter a guy near the forest and he admits: “I gave a family on the road the wrong directions. Pointed ’em right to the bandits in Luckless Forest by mistake! Ain’t really me fault if they travelled without a map, though.” What do you tell him?

  •  “You pointed them to certain doom! Alert the guard!” – 54 votes
  • “Stop talking and go after them! Time is of the essence!” – 294 votes
  • “Looks like you’re going to be hiring some mercenaries.” – 50 votes

This time Valor won the day, and the tarot card of Valor was revealed

We may be seeing a new virtue question tomorrow or Monday, so stay tuned to the Ultima Forever Facebook page to participate in the discussion and fun.  Personally, I was very impressed by Tuesday`s question, and how close the final vote was between Honesty and Compassion.  Myself, I think I would have taken the more Honest approach.

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