I Don’t Know If Too Much Can Be Made of This, But…

…for what it’s worth, here’s the latest tweet from Paul Barnett.

Now, let’s face it: Paul Barnett personally, and BioWare Mythic in general, are obviously working on any number of different projects, including the previously mentioned Ultima project. And it’s entirely possible that this tweet does not in any way pertain to that project.

Indeed, the only bit of evidence I have to go on is that it sounds like the system is still in development, which the Ultima project also is (to some degree, though obviously it’s in a presentable state).

The earliest Ultima games featured randomly-generated dungeons, although everything from Ultima 2 onward had fixed dungeon maps. Is it possible that the new game will feature randomly-generated dungeons, which have recently become all the rage again thanks to titles like Torchlight and the coming Path of Exile?

I suppose we’ll see.

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